Week View Should Start on Sunday

Anyone else prefer week view to be Sun - Sat. and not the current Mon - Sunday?

I know, Week END should be at the end. but in 'Merica the calendar and 99.9% of the things I look at are Sun - Sat.

So… why is sense the wrong side of the 99%?


Case in point, see iPhone calendar.

Let’s not reinvent the wheel :slight_smile:

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I like Monday as the start as it is the start of the work week.


I agree with Sunday as the start. I can imagine it being too hard to code as an option.

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I have to agree that Sunday to Saturday seems more correct. I can’t recall ever seeing a week laid out this way. There’s nothing to say Sense couldn’t make the week boundaries a selectable option though…

I believe that is an option in the iPhone. My iPhone calendar starts the week with Monday.

I’d be fine with making it an option. However 99.99% of calendars I view start the week on a Sunday, so that should be the default…
Why did they try to change it?

My week starts on Monday. So I prefer to keep it.

I want it to stay as it is. I like one weekend shown in the same week unit. If i have a weekend guest or event in my home I want to know the impact. I don’t want to get half of that info from 2 different graphs.


I like my week to start on Monday as well. Because the US idiotically still follows the imperial system and other silly formats doesn’t mean it should be imposed. A preference setting just like any calendar app is fine.

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My week starts Monday… First thing I do in every calendar app is fix the week start day… The weekend should stay together, not split.

I think an option would be great. More options for users to do as they please. Also allowing for manual start of billing cycles would be great too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Based on living in the U.S. for a few decades, my take is to just use the custom in our culture, which is the Sunday-Saturday definition.

I once had a calendar that used Mon-Sunday, and it screw me up to no end. Annoying and non-standard.

I believe that providing the option would be best. It is just plain confusing to have different calendars using different week definitions.

If all the calendars used at work, google, amazon, phone are set to use Sunday-Saturday, but one forces you to use Monday-Sunday, it will be an unending cause of confusion. There are valid reasons to use either, and I would allow, just like most other calendars, the option to support the data display and consumption/calculation either way.

at my work… we are really special.

The Windows calendar (and all paper calendars) Start on a SUNDAY.
The SAP bull$hit for taking time off starts on a MONDAY. Throwing every click a day off.
The Time Entry page, (different app) starts on a SATURDAY… because… ____ you that’s why.

god bless Government.

In Excel, the WEEKNUM function allows weeks to start on any of the seven days. That seems overkill for Sense, but it goes to show how many options could exist.

I agree with @biz.1 about weekends. Any statistics that mention “weekend” should be the adjacent Saturday and Sunday. Even so, it would be nice for “weekly” statistics to have an option of beginning on Sunday.


I vote to keep it on Monday.

We use a lot more of our appliances on the weekends (laundry, cooking, dishwasher, etc), but are not consistent about whether it happens on Saturday or Sunday.

Splitting the weekend will make week-over-week comparisons useless.

Useful data is superior to adhering to a technically correct tradition that has no rational purpose.


I agree as well.