Where Sense falls short

I installed my Sense meter in February of 2019 and it has helped me tremendously but there are quite a few things that need to be improved upon.

First is the customer support that you get from Sense. every time I’ve submitted a trouble ticket I’ve only received emails from customer support and responses and never consistent. Sometimes I get a response back 24 hours later and sometimes its days before I hear anything back and the responses are usually vague and never detailed so I never have an idea as to what’s going on on Sense’s end and exactly what they’re seeing. This is where I feel Sense fails completely and things would seem to run a lot smother if we the end users were able to call customer support and talk to someone directly about issues we are experiencing instead of sending a ticket in and waiting 24+ hours to hear back.

Second is user profiles. When I build my profile I add home details and then add device inventory but it seems that none of this data is used with my profile directly when it comes to actual devices and the power data that is being collected by my Sense monitor.

Third is devices and how the data is being collected and stored. When a new device is detected I’m never asked if its a device that is in my home details device inventory and just suggests a couple devices to me which is usually not even close to what is actually the device. Smart plugs are smart plugs and not the device that is actually using the power so why is the power usage data being directly saved to the smart plug and not the device that is being associated to the smart plug? As the consumer its annoying that I have to go through so many steps if I decide to move one of my smart plugs and its even more annoying when I move a smart plug and all that data is still associated to the plug and not the device that was previously plugged into that smart plug.

Finally would be data collection and the Sense monitor. recently I started having some serious issues with my Sense monitor and I first started trying to fix the issue by cycling power to the Sense monitor with negative results so I reached out to support and responses were slow and this goes back to issue one so I’ll move on. My Sense monitor was acting like a device that was bogged down with too much data and not enough memory and support was slow to respond so I decided to do a reset date and sure enough my Sense monitor started responding again but was still having issues. This is when I found out that user profiles were maintained but the power data collected over time was lost. It seems like the data collected by smart plugs and the sense monitor over time builds up and overwhelms the sense monitor and it starts to slow down over time. Why doesn’t Sense take the data from sense monitors and smart plugs and add that data to a users profile?

I’m interested to know what other customers think and what issues you’ve run into.