Whole-house surge protection

I am getting some re-wiring done at my house. Wondering if it is a good time to install a whole-house surge protection device. Are they worth it? Any recommended models?

I am sure the collective brain trust here in the forum can offer some good opinion and guidance.


I discovered this company some years ago, and I have the surge arrestor / suppresor and capacitor installed in my panel (see my post on “see your installs”, and you can see the canisters in my panel).
I can’t say they work, or don’t work…but I haven’t had any equipment failures do to lightning or surges…Just my $0.02.

Thanks. Interesting - I wonder what is in those canisters? Presumably the shape is important, but I don’t see any other products that look like that.

I don’t know what’s inside them…it could be sand for all I know :joy:

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I’m watching the responses here … hot!

In home fulgurite production?

To add to the original question: Is an electrician’s philosophy to go with the ubiquitous devices in the industry and install, say, the Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA so you can sue somebody if something goes wrong?

EATON CHSPT2ULTRA Ultimate Surge Protection 3rd Edition, 2.38" Length, 5.25" Width 7.5" Height

I installed this model in my main breaker panel along with another secondary Siemens “plug-in” model (which was a lesser quality) in my home sub-panel. I also helped my brother install this same model in his main breaker panel.

Start by checking out this website.


  1. In my main panel, you can see my Eaton surge protector box mounted to the top inside metal cabinet.

  2. In my sub-panel, I purchased and installed a unit specifically for the Siemens breaker panel. It just snaps in. Positions 44 and 45.

  3. A friend installed a Zeus surge protector in his house. Main panel. It wires to a standard 240v breaker.

  4. On Habitat houses a surge protector is mounted in the upper-right. It has a large label marked “QO”. This unit just snaps in. Square D is the brand.


@Dcdyer this is very detailed information - thanks! I hadn’t thought of installing on the sub panel as well, but a lower cost surge protector inside seems like an easy win (as well as a beefier one on the main panel).

I installed a square d protector. Not the cheap homeline one. It mounts outside the box and has worked perfect.

Thanks. I ended up going for a beefy Siemens FirstSurge, also mounts outside the box. Hoping to get it installed later this week.