Wifi data useage

How much WiFi data is pulled from the Sense unit and over what time frames?
Is the BT connection used after initial setup?
How much data is retained by the Sense module and when is that data retrieved?
Is there a place where information about the Sense module is available to owners?

I believe the BT is only used in the initial setup to let you tell it about your WiFi system. The WiFi chip is made by Texas Instruments but I don’t have any additional data on it other than it only operates on the 2.4Ghz band. I have been told that the unit will retain up to 8 hours of data when communication is not possible but power is kept to the unit. If power is lost it retains no data. During WiFi loss I have had it maintain as much as 7 hours of history.

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As far as wifi data usage, here are some stats from my UniFi controller:

My sense has been connected for the past 3 days 18 hours during which it sent up 428MB of data and received 82.4MB of data. Dividing that out across the time period, that works out to be roughly 1.3KB of data sent to the Sense cloud server per second.

The traffic is a little bursty in that it seems to batch updates up to send until I open the sense app on my phone at which point it gives realtime updates using about 850bytes/second of traffic.

The TI chipset that is used plus the antenna gives the sense a really good signal - my AP is mounted on the ceiling of my two story foyer, and the sense is in the basement. The AP reports it still gets -59dBm of signal from the sense through three floors and several walls.

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My breakdown of the last three months of Sense bandwidth usage:

2017-01 - 300,447.00 KB / 4,325,891.00 KB
2017-02 - 251,557.00 KB / 3,409,702.00 KB
2017-03 - 209,115.00 KB / 2,685,390.00 KB

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Thanks all, my Verizon Wireless plan can handle that☺ Looks like it uses
less and less as it learns. I hope.
Today Sense technical support finally got my solar module working and it
appears to be making usable data. I’ll have to watch for a few days to
see just how good it is.

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Quick little “day in the life” bandwidth of my Sense device…

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Hey @dave what are you using to track this bandwidth usage? :slight_smile:

Long story - or short story? :slight_smile: I’m actually using rstats and cstats on my Internet router to push out a list of bandwidth usage reports for every IP address on my network. I then wrote some scripts that scrape that file every minute and push the metrics into an RRDTOOL graphing application called Cacti. It helps me keep track of what’s going on when things get a little silly… Otherwise it’s rather useless except for small talk at parties. :smirk:

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I’m going to just go with, that’s awesome! :smiley:

I installed my Sense yesterday. Within the first 24 hours of use I have 36.5 MB down, 117 MB up.