Will Sense detecte my Roomba?

How does Sense see the Roomba and base station. Does it go into the always on or will it recognize when the Roomba is charging? (I think I’m seeing it my other bubble)

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As far as I can tell there are two signatures to the roomba charge station.

First there’s the "battery charging"signature. A relatively high constant current. Then there’s the “battery charged” signature. A low rep rate pulse.

Early on, my Sense detected the “battery charged” pulse but never did detect the “battery charging” signature.

Then I had wifi issues with it and I had to reset everything and it never detected the roomba again. Go figure.

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Thank you dmagerl. I’ve seen the difference with a kill-a-watt I played with before I got Sense. I’ll have to see if I can correlate the kill-a-watt numbers to the other bubble.

I thought the “battery charged” would be in the always on, but I expected to see the “battery charging” as a device.

How long have you had your sense and how often to you run your roomba? I wonder if that makes a difference?

I’ve had my Sense since September 2016. I’ve had my two robot vacuums for the entire time I’ve had Sense. They are each used once a day; ergo, they charge daily. Sense hasn’t identified them yet.

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rats. ok. I was hoping for better news.

The Roomba charger pulses a charged battery every few minutes with a short charge pulse so in that regard, it will never be “always on”. Thats not to say there is an always on component to it, I’ve just never seen it… My Sense detected that pulse early on (after a few months). Then I had to reset the Sense which wiped out all the learned devices and it has never detected the Roomba again. It’s been something like 6-7 months now. The charger for my Dewalt drill does the same thing but Sense has never detected that even though its a higher current pulse.

The Sense never did detect the charging mode, just the charged mode.

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I wondered if it would ID power tools. I use them but infrequently. - nothing that stays on a charger

Our Sense spotted an electric paint sprayer. Probably will also find significant motors like circular saws, etc, though the current/power load and signature somewhat changes based on the material you are cutting / drilling.

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I have a collective device that appears to be most of my charging devices. It’s on and off frequently and when on,I can start unplugging devices and and the usage drops. The problem for me is that we have an attached apartment that is rented and the’re several rechargeable devices there so I’ve not been able to zero it out.

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As others have already said, it is unfortunately unlikely that your Roomba will be detected right now.

Power tools, on the other hand, have been detected in a number of homes. Right now, they often appear as unnamed Motors when they are detected. The more renaming happens around those, the better Sense will be able to automatically apply the more specific identification there.


Power tools and yard tools. Sense has picked up my 14" electric chainsaw (yay - Harbor Freight!), and Toro Leaf Blower. Last year, it had detected my Hedge Trimmer, but that device disappeared.