Will solar self-calibrate?

I recently installed solar sensors in my panel. It was nighttime. It is December, it is Alaska and it is snowing. Sense helped complete the installation, however I have not had 500 w production yet for an accurate calibration. Solar always shows +8-9w. Someday soon I’ll clear the snow off my panels (10.7kw) and the sun will shine. My question is will I then need to manually initiate a recalibration?

@mbgracz, can you tell if you are through setup ?? If you are through setup, which usually requires a calibration step, I would think that Sense helped you bypass that step. I think they did that for me once what I installed my second Sense described here. If so, I would let you Sense run until mid-spring, then do the solar part of the setup again and recalibrate when you are actually producing over 500W.

Yeah sense told me that it should be calibrated even though I know that it could not have been producing 500 w. They basically said don’t worry about it. I’m not, now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually get some production and can compare sense with what Enphase Enlighten, my solar app, tells me.