Solar Calibration Issue

I’ve recently added solar, and so I ordered the sensors and attempted to install them today. During the ‘calibration’ step, it asks me to turn off my inverter, which I do. I turn off the Enphase Envoy and also turn off the solar interconnect for good measure. Then I wait, and the sense eventually times out saying I didn’t turn it off and/or to check the solar sensors for correct installation. I’ve triple checked they are facing the same way.

The reality of my breaker box is that the solar input wires and my main wires are very close together, so I’m worried there is some interference, though I’ve tried to keep the sensors in parallel. Help?

The Sense solar calibration step seems to be the most challenging to automate. I’ve done solar calibration 5 times in the same mains and solar tie-in, for a variety of reasons (new Sense monitor, second Sense monitor, testing a different config). 3 out of the 5 were successfully done automatically - 2 required to assist on their end. I think the issue is that there is a lot of variability in solar setups, plus much different operating parameters at different times of day. Try the calibration cycle a few times and if it doesn’t make it, I would go to


Thanks @kevin1 - I did just manage (repeated attempts), but interestingly I did move my sensors further apart. Thanks for the heads up on this.

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