Solar Power

A few months ago we went green and added solar to our power system. I have tried a couple time to synchronize my Sense application with the solar and keep getting a failed signal. I am assuming it is because my on/off switcher my panels is outside and I maybe losing signal to my iPhone. Can anyone confirm that this may be the issue? Or do I need to turn off the panels for a certain length of time…OR does it have to be during daylight hours when the panels are actually producing.

thanks in advance.

If you are talking about setting up the Solar CTs/sensors in Sense (not really a synchronization), and you are seeing a failure in Signal Check, it could be due to you not turning off your inverter for long enough while the panels are actually producing (that’s required as part of setup). Solar setup should be walking you through the steps, including turning your solar inverter off. Mine stays off for 5 minutes after shutoff.

had that issue with my 2nd sense- I contacted Support and all was good after. They went into my Sense and did “something”\

I had a similar issue calibrating my solar sensors. On my first couple of attempts to calibrate it I had turned off the interior breaker for my solar system but apparently this wasn’t good enough. I had to go outside and completely turn off the inverter before the calibration would successfully proceed.

I believe what you should be doing is powering off the inverter(s) and not flipping off the breakers or the master disconnect switch for the solar array. Try this and see if it works better for you.

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