Setting up solar on app


I’m new to this sense app. I’m trying to set up the solar part of the app.

May sound dumb but how do I turn off the inverter so I can set up the solar part???


Usually a single inverter will have an on/off switch right on the front of it. For my SolarEdge inverter, it’s right there in the center on the front.

It does take 300 sec for my inverter to come back online so the Sense app setup waits that out… If you have a bunch microinverters, I suspect the central unit has an on/off switch as well.


Agree. My problem was that I was going to do the full shutdown DC and AC procedure and the sense app times out waiting for the inverter to come back on. Then it wouldn’t start solar setup again… had to reboot the Sense. :frowning:

So… don’t wait too long after the app says it detected the power off before you turn the inverter back on (I guess).

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my SunPower system was very hard to calibrate… the full system shutdown and startup were much longer than the app would allow… so I just did a short shutdown/restart from the main solar breaker in my main panel… I left the SunPower monitor and subpanel (3 breakers that tied the two strings and monitor together before they go into the main panel) turned on… it worked… didn’t appear to hurt anything…