Wishlist icons and devices - Add yours!

Ethernet Switch (without an antenna like Router)
Audio/Video Receiver (or Processor)
WiFi (Access Points as people have multiple now)
Split TV and Computer Monitor and icons
Split Computer and Laptops and icons
Computer Accessory (ie USB Hub)
Audio Amp
Induction Plate
Fiber ONT
Sprinkler System
Other Kitchen Appliances category (juicers etc)
Garbage Disposal


A lot of those are already on my list or in the app. Switch, AP, Toilet are on my list. Garbage disposal is in the app, DVR is listed as media console in the app, Fiber ONT is a specific type of a router/modem which is in the app, other kitchen appliance is in the app. Speakers, which is in the app, probably needs some sort of clarification as speakers don’t power themselves normally, unless it’s a sonos etc. Also for speakers, at what point do you consolodate because there’s sound bars, entertainment systems, AV Receivers, AMPS, standalone etc. I think that’s probably why they have a generic category for entertainment system devices.

I tried to keep in mind that different areas in the country (if in the USA) or world have slightly different vernacular. So fridge = refrigerator / disposal = garbage disposal etc.

Waffle maker (I have two now)
Grow light (I have two and am using “Terrarium” as the category
Are air purifiers in the app already?

Air purifier is in the app. Adding the other two. I expect an invite for waffles :yum:

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Water Softener… ??? Gerry


You know I thought about this because I have a water softener and water conditioner but they only pull like 0.5W and they will run on a 9V battery if the power goes out. Maybe there’s ones out there that are more of an energy hog that would make it viable. Thoughts?

To add to the aforementioned, there are a lot of things I left out that I have consuming energy. All of my blinds in the house are powered , I have vents that have power going to them. I have a crap load of energy monitors and plugs that draw little amounts for zwave purposes. So I tried to list things that are common which actually use a bit of power.

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Real fine Todd… The water softener we have has a wall wart. Maybe 5-10 watts. Runs a small clock motor to run the cam around to open the valves. We are on a well so when it goes off, most of the power comes from the well pump. But one thing I did do was over size it. It recycles about every two weeks. I put a same UPS on it so when the power blinks it doesn’t get triggered. It is old and the onboard capacitor won’t hold the memory anymore. Hope that covers what you were looking for. BTW… I run the house on solar 60-70 percent of the time. I call it a solar generator. Port the power into my emergency generator backup plug. I’ll elaborate if you wish… Later…Gerry

@gcrawford.k8ger I added it to the list but I bet if you put a monitor on it you’ll only see 0.5 - 1w. Most of those things use extremely low power until the gears work and even then its barely anything. Take a look it uses so little it cant even give me an estimated cost :slight_smile:

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Love the suggestions here! From our side of things, some of these are adding devices to our list (i.e. waffle maker) so there’s a balance between making our list bigger (which can cause it to be harder to find the thing you want) vs being helpful and having the right icon.

Todd… I found 4 watts on the motor on the softener and
4 watts @ 120 volts input and 150 ma @ 12 volts output… of the wall wart… Later…Gerry

Can you elaborate and provide an example of what would be helpful vs not so much? (i.e. only on devices are better than once per day use, devices that pull over 10w on average)

I will say, Sense found my Dash mini waffle maker after just one or two uses.

Hey, everyone. I spoke with @ChelseaAtSense and we think a community poll would be a great idea. We’ll pick some of the top voted icon suggestions to develop and put out in a future release.

To start, I’ll use the aggregated suggestions from @DevOpsTodd initial post and set-up a poll in an alternative thread where folks can vote. I’ll link it here once it’s up!


DVRs/Cable boxes do not have antennas sticking out the top

Neither do Apple TV’s, Nvidia Shields, Ethernet switches etc.

I agree, however switch isn’t on the list yet. What would you suggest a cable box icon look like?

Current stove icon:

Current Oven icon:

What stove (stove top) should look like:


@obscuredtrip I couldn’t agree more. When I was a teenager I sold appliances and we called them “cooktops”. That’s also how the manufacturer refers to them. So when I went to add my “cooktop” I couldn’t find it. Partially because the picture is of an oven and that just threw me off


DVR/Cameras - Security system

@obscuredtrip those are in the app already

I only see “smart cam” and “cable box” which doesn’t help. How about an eye icon or something we can use for Security system related devices?

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