Would like to pin "Other" to the top of the device list

The “Other” entry in the device list has been driving me insane. I think the issue is due to the large number of HS300s and HS110s that I have. Practically everything is now “detected” through one of them, or my Flex sensors. Thus “Other” is often zero. However, I guess because of tiny differences between what my HS300s etc. reports and what the Sense measures, the “Other” category is constantly jumping between 0 W and 1 W in my iPhone app. Like once per second at times. When I try to click on a device to see its stats, it’s almost impossible. About when I scroll down to it and start to click on it, “Other” will go to 1 W and will jump to the top of the page and the app will scroll up to the top to show me this “exciting” new info. So I have to scroll back down and try to find and click on the device before it happens again. It’s doubly annoying when the device scrolls out from under my finder just as I click and I get the wrong one.

My suggestion is to pin “Other” to the top of the screen so it doesn’t change positions when it goes from a zero to nonzero value and back. It could be after the “On” devices for that matter, as long as it doesn’t move relative to them. An alternative would be to allow me to rename “Other” so I could force it to the top of the list by adding a space in front of the name. Another option might be to turn off the “feature” that causes the app to scroll to the top when an item “turns on”. I scrolled down the list for a reason. The app shouldn’t decide that showing me that an item has turned on is more important than what I was doing.


Always on pinned as well?