WPA3 security

Is sense able to be upgraded to WPA3 with a firmware update and is it on the roadmap to happen?


My sense won’t connect to a hybrid WPA2/WPA3 network.

Do you have PMF on or off ? Some devices don’t like PMF -Not sure if Sense is one since I have my Senses on a dedicated 2.4G WPA2 SSID.

Not sure of your networking gear and options but you might want to try two options:

  • Turn off PMF - some hybrid WPA2/WPA3 networks make PMF optional and allow you to turn off
  • Create a dedicated 2.4G WPA2 SSID, and associated network. VLAN if you want.
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Mine would not connect on the WPA2/WPA3 hybrid, AKA “WPA3 Personal Transition”. All my other devices connected without issue.
There is no setting for PMF.
I had to go back to just WPA2 because of the Sense.

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My networking gear offers the ability to turn off PMF in WPA3 Personal Transition mode to deal with some of the more finicky IoT devices.

Considering this has a 2.4GHz radio and not 5GHz or even the new 6GHz radio needed for the latest iteration of WiFi 6e, I am thinking they would probably have to make a hardware change to do this.

I have an IoT wireless network in addition to my more advanced wireless networks on my access points to support the more legacy implementations out there with these devices.

I am actually shocked Sense hasn’t put out a new version of hardware that has a 5GHz radio.


5g is better for high bandwidth applications like streaming videos whereas 2.4g has better distance


100% agree. Just pointing out that the hardware build is pretty old as you would think they would have both radios.

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Even mixed mode support would be an improvement, but it appears that the Sense unit will not connect to a wifi network that simultaneously supports WPA2 and WPA3. The entire network must be WPA2 only for sense to connect, which is becoming somewhat absurd at this point (2022).


Any chance a Sense employee will read these and actually make the change?

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I can’t speak on their behalf but do know that several employees monitor the Community. They tend to focus from an enhancements perspective on the Wishlist items with the most Likes and traffic.

If you want to do a little exploring to answer the basic question yourself, this is the WiFi chip in the first production revision of the Sense monitor. There are at least a couple of newer mods that use different embedded processors, but not sure about the WiFi chips.

ps: both my Sense monitors are 1x1 MIMO so probably different chips than the original.


Proper support for networks with PMF enabled, even on “optional”, would be much appreciated. Sense is the only device on my network that doesn’t tolerate PMF set to optional. That’s surprising, as other devices like WiFi lighting, a garage opener, and even a smart air purifier have no problem interoperating on such a network.

Sense doesn’t need to support PMF itself- it just needs to handle sharing a network with others that do.