Wrong reference point: why currently sense is useless to me


So I did a followup per email.
It has been over 30 hours, no reply
No status update, still solved

What do you suggest next ?

I can see that one of our Support reps responded to your request yesterday at 2:25pm EST and the status does say “open.” The Support rep on your specific case is working very hard to have your problem resolved. As I mentioned previously, the rep will reach out within 24 hours or less of your reply time.

I opened several issues.
Each subject with its own ticket.
So some genius merges them all together and is now bugging me about an issue that I did not complain/write about is fully legit and logical ?
That way they “solved” 2 issues that they don’t want/can not address?
Am I understanding this all correctly ?

Full replay from sense support

The readings from your Sense are showing a small amount of solar production appearing on one of your main sensors daily. The most common reason for a reading like this is one of the sensors being pushed open, so you’re right I was going to ask you about it. One other possibility is that one of the solar sensors is missing a solar connection.

In this photo, it looks like your solar sensors each have a few wires passing through them, but in the current photo I can’t tell exactly how many. From here it looks like one sensor has two red wires from the Hybrid Inverter breaker passing through, and the other appears to have three black wires and one blue passing through. Can you confirm whether what I’m seeing is right? If not, can you send me a more detailed photo of what wires are passing through each sensor?

Based on this photo and the readings from your monitor, it’s possible that one out of a pair of wires is not passing through one of these sensors while the other wire of that pair is. If we can determine which line is the potential missing line carrying solar production signals, it will improve the performance of your Sense.


This is in the support case “sometimes get weird error in webpage”
That request/reply has absolutely NOTHING to do with the case I opened.
Do you agree with that ?

This is my answer to him

There is a small hybrid solar inverter (21 years old) that is 120 volt that feeds back into the grid and indeed is not going through the PV CT. As stated, it is single phase, not 240 volt.
It is a TRACE PS2524 . It has 8KWh of lead acid batteries attached to it and about 1000 watts of PV.
I am basically using it as a glorified UPS with a 19" computer rack connected to it.
I have no way to rewire that since it is connected to a subpanel on the other side of the home.

So I admit the unexplained solar, but that is imo not the issue at hand here

Imo this support person is paid to stay busy and divert/deflect from the original questions i asked!

it has nothing to do /is not related at all to the support case “sometimes get weird error in webpage”

Do you agree?

Support has closed a few of my tickets after saying they will get back to me.
I’m guessing the “waiting for reply” applies to support as well.

I’ve had support leads respond to the wrong tickets a few times, It is EXTREMELY confusing not realizing their response is in regards to a separate and completely unrelated issue.
Ticket number are like thread topics here, responding to a ticket regarding a different ticket is the equivalent if @JuliaAtSense had responded in this thread saying “Sense is aware of the issue and working on a fix” when she is speaking the ‘yesterday’ of ‘power quality graph’ threads. Tickets/Threads have a #/topic for a reason. Issues need to be separate on BOTH ends so there is no confusion.


Nicely worded, totally agree with that

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When I login to Sense
to watch todays energy usage and I mouse over the individual bars I get

4+6.1+8.5+5.9+5.7+8.5+7.3+4 = 50kWh
Yet Sense reports today only 43.6 kWh production.
Which is correct since my hybrid inverters batteries ran out of energy this morning around 4:21AM.
And the house used energy till about sun came up and took over the load and started charging my batteries again:

When I pull up the power meter from today, it doesn’t show I was using energy early in the morning but mouse-over shows it WAS registered:

-3164 watt early in the morning.
I bet you the energy I used then is the difference between the 50Kwh that I calculate from the hourly bars & the 43.6 that the Sense monitor is showing: a whopping 6.4 kWh difference!

Could something be done about this ? PLEASE


Of course this was a reply to @JuliaAtSense

Hear that ?..


Hi @dannyterhaar - Seamus, our Support rep, is handling your case. It looks like he responded to you on 11/18 and is awaiting more information from you.

vital information like browser & os type
brand & model of my hybrid inverter (i have 2 now)
brand and model of my smart meter
recent utility bill

all the essential information to solve issues at the Sense side.
But I just played along and provided the information.