Wrong wiring install


Hi, I had my Sense Solar unit installed yesterday. Unfortunately, it looks like the electrician installed the wires the reverse way and solar output is reported as consumption and consumption as solar output. He will be able to fix it later today. This means, I think, that all the analisys that is being done will actually not make sense. Is there a way to clear out all the data that has been accumulated and restart the analisys once he fixes the wires? Can the device get damaged because of this? Should I stop the device until this issue is resolved? Is there a way to stop the device though the app (I don’t have access to the device w/o opening the panel)?

Anyway, it is great to see that the solar output reported in real time, even though it is reported as consumption, matches the solar output reported in real time by Tesla! Very cool!

Thank you,


Tech support should be able to flip it without on the ground intervention. You should probably email them just in case.