Zero Devices Report

My Sense module has been installed since 1 March and zero devices have been detected! I have reported the issue several times resulting in Factory Resets, firmware updates and solar recalibrations.
The common response from the company is to wait a few days / weeks.
I am now wondering just how many of us Zero Detention customers are out there?
How many Sense units have been delivered?
How many Problems are in the queue?

Zero detention = good, zero detection = bad. Waiting is the best option.

@1agkirk2 First question is are you using Solar?

Assuming no solar, then watch your voltage and left and right sides of the power being used in the Sense Monitor (status). See if both sides have similar power increases when turning on a 240V device (e.g. electric oven). Try 120v high power device (eg Toaster) and see if power goes up, and voltage should drop (like 0.3v to 5v on the same side).

If you can check, make sure your CTs are clamping on only 1 wire each, and are the correct wires. Make sure the CTs are completely closed, and are not opened up when the panel cover is placed back on.

Assuming all of this is OK, then you should see at least some devices start to popup.

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I do have the Solar version and I see all of the power fluctuations you
mention. Voltage imbalance is about 0.3 - 0.5 V and 220Vac water heater or
kitchen range is balanced while 110Vac imbalance is apparent. It appears
the “Factory” knows all of this but haven’t been able to help me on
Given the small number of participants on the Community board, Sense has
sold a very small number of units (100s) or everyone else is having no
problems. I don’t have Facebook so am unaware of just how big the "Crowd"

I don’t have a facebook account but you can still read the posts on the sense group There was a post recently that said they hit 500 members there.

My order number back in August was #4430. A few months later when I ordered a second set of CTs, it was order # 8719. I’ve posted this before to much skepticism, but I honestly think they are running close to 10,000 units by now.

Not that it matters much. Wasn’t taken seriously then, don’t expect to be taken seriously now.

Based on my order number from back on March 8th, that sounds about right.