Pool Pump Detection


There was a pool pump survey last year built to improve detection. I was wondering how refined pool pump detection was at the moment. I have 2 pumps, 1 fixed speed and 1 variable. Has pool pump detection been dialed in or should I expect more of a wait? These are both big power consumers and make up a large chunk of my “other” category right now. Any additional info you can provide would be helpful, thank you.


One of my two pool pumps has been discovered. At first a single phase of the 240v, then about a week or two later, the 2nd phase joined it automatically. My second pool pump is yet to be discovered but turns out it was failing and went out a couple weeks ago. Not sure if the fact it was failing made its signature difficult or not. New one installed now and we’ll see.


How long did it take for your pool pump to be recognized?


About 1 month. But detection seems better in my house when I shut a lot off. So I set timers to shut off all computers, dvrs, anything I could that wasn’t already detected while the pool pumps were running at night. I also ran the pumps for a few half hour intervals during the day when I was home with other things off.

I really want to track my pump usage too! :smiley:


Also important I guess, my pumps are NOT variable speed.