2nd Sense Device


I tried to add a 2nd sense device to my account, I got to the create account and didnt see where to ‘add to’ account or something along those lines. So I did create account thinking it would tell me I had another device connected, nope it deleted the other device and now I cannot access it. If I try its no where on the account and the device tells me its locked to another account? Any advice taken. I guess i’ve lost the training the other device had in it so far?



Hi @rnichols430,

Sense does not currently support connecting two monitors to a single account. In order to track two different monitors, you’ll need two separate accounts for them (which is sounds like you’ve created). To switch between the accounts, you’ll need to log out of one and into the other. Alternatively, if you have multiple devices (eg. a tablet and a smartphone), you can keep one logged into one account and the other logged into the other account. We do have plans for multi-monitor functionality this year, but for now, this is what’d you have to do. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Ok, but like I said, now I cannot access the other device? It says its locked to the same account? How do I correct this mess? I did not create a 2nd account, when I tried to create an account in the same email address and password as before, it deleted the other device and added the new one in its place… Then when I tried to add the other device to a different email, i couldnt, its locked to the other email? Please advise?


I’d reach out to our technical support team at https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/requests/new. They’ll be able to help sort this out for you.


I did send in a support request yesterday, no answer of of yet on the issue from them. Which is why I was hoping to find an answer here.


Hey @rnichols430, just wanted to check in and make sure you got a response there!

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