30 days in

My sense has found 12 devices in 30 days along with “other” and “alway on”. I think that’s great so far. More if you count the devices I’ve grouped I to refrigerators, ovens, and furnace blower vs heat call… Is this about avg?
I’ve found microwave, dishwasher another fridge, furnace, hair driers, garage openers… Am I blessed?

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Indeed you’re on the better side of device detection… Congratulations for being well above the average…

Can you describe your electrical environment? Noisy, quiet, old vs newer,Solar/No Solar etc… Anything you’re willing share?

Yes I’ll share anything to help the cause…

My house is 6 years old, underground wire, the breaker panel looks neat and it’s clean power right at 120 a leg… I do have solar connected to it as well and sense catches all that production as well… Since mine has a dual direction meter the money amount would never be correct, but I use it to compare to my Solaredge panels, witch is very close but more accurate as it’s live instead internet 15 min reload.

I’ve found items that I couldn’t pinpoint until I started killing power and then found an ice maker not being used in a garage refrigerator and shut that down and deleted the device.

I love the integration to kasa plugs and wish they had switches that would report and monitor back for lighting or ceiling fans. I use one outlet for my new HE LG Washer and just called the device LG Washer Outlet… So all its draw is recorded as it didn’t find the washer only the drier.

Anymore info I can help with I’d be happy to share as well as testing of products you’d like to share. I’m very tech gadget oriented, if it’s out there I probably have it or want it.

Thanks Jim


The 2008 National Electric Code requires new construction to have AFCIs in bedrooms. Be aware that, by replacing those breakers with non-AFCI breakers, you’re technically out of code, and, should you ever sell the house, you may be required to change them back.

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I know that and I still have them… Thanks tho

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For peace of mind, check with your insurance Co to see if you’re still covered in the event of an electrical fire.


All is good guys AFCI is back in and I moved around breakers. So far so good. I was hoping the info I shared was going to be more about Sense Monitor than about whether or not I follow all codes about my breaker panel… I only mentioned it because of how induced voltage into circuits can cause mischief on an AFCI it might also hinder sense from identification of devices.
So far I think this device has proven very helpful and entertaining.

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