A bunch of devices on a single circuit with GFIs

So I have an older house and when wired it appears that all the outlets in the kitchens and bathrooms were placed on the same breaker circuit. I suppose this was done because the circuit/house pre-dated GFI outlets.

Anyway, installed my sense and it appears that a new device was detected and by pushing alerts I see that every time the hair dryer or coffee maker turns on I receive an alert that the device is on.

What should my next steps be to correct this? Should I remove the device altogether, tell Sense it is not my coffee maker, or leave it alone and let sense figure it out?__

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Leave it for a month or so… Sense may eventually learn to discern between the two. If it doesn’t by that time, pick the device you want Sense to favor, name it (eg. Coffee Maker). Then when the opposing conflated device is on (Hair Dryer) and detected as your favored device (Coffee Maker), tell the app that the device is not on, multiple times if it happens. But one caveat - Even if Sense learns correctly, its learning may still slowly mutate over time.

My thoughts based on 1 1/2 years with Sense.

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I’d concur with @kevin1 here. Leave it for a while and let Sense do its learning thing. In general, this is the best approach, though it can be hard to resist the temptation to try and help Sense along.

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