A/C being metered as Water Heater

My water heater was one of the first devices Sense detected. Now when my A/C is running it is being metered as the water heater. The A/C has not been detected yet. what would be your suggestions for this issue?

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While the ac is running and being misidentified as water heater, go to your device list, choose water heater, click on the green icons as shown in this pic,

, Scroll to the bottom off your screen, click on Report a Problem, click on Device is not on.
Then please visit this thread to report your experience:


Thanks I will do that!

Thanks @MachoDrone

I just stumbled onto this thread, and “device not on” button is just what I need. But I can’t find it. Is it still a feature in the current version of the software?

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The “button” is buried a little bit. You do to the Devices card, select the device that is showing as On, but is NOT ON. Click on the he Settings gear for that Device in the upper left. Then click over to the Manage tab. Once there, click on “Report a Problem”. If the device is still detected as ON at that point in time, and is not a smartplug-based device, Hue or other special type of device, you will have the option to select “Device is Not On”. Otherwise you’ll get the standard bug reporting options…

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