A Christmas Miracle?

So Christmas morning at 11AM, all the sudden I’m informed that Sense has detected 2 new devices within 4 minutes of each other.

One was a motor and clearly the single stage pool pump that is my 2nd largest daily electric usage device behind the 5 ton ac/heat pump compressor. Maybe the largest use in Winter.

Considering the huge startup spike and flat voltage for 5-8 hours, I cannot believe it took 6 months to detect.

Was on a Kasa device so I wasn’t missing it, but interesting.

Then a device Sense called Fridge 2. Upon some research, it was obvious it wasn’t my refrigerators or freezers, but an Opal Ice Machine. Also on a Kasa. But this one is strange that it’s only picking up about a third of the wattage.

Interested in thoughts as to why it’s only picking up roughly half the wattage.

Via Kasa.

From Device Detection, notice the missing startup small wattage and the typical flattening we have seen in the past compared to kasa.

And then, later on, Sense detected my microwave. Again, on a Kasa, but 3 in 1 day? I’m not a conspiracy person normally, but 3 devices detected on Christmas?

Why do I think that recent software held back detected devices until Christmas Day?

So, to answer that, did anyone else get detected devices for Christmas?

For some reason, mine will go 2-3 months and not find anything then find multiple devices at a time. I was guessing that the sense narrowed down a few devices then pin pointed one… leaving the other one(s)

We didn’t do anything special for device detection at Christmas, although that’s a fun thought.

Sense issues new devices after it has seen them run a sufficient number of times to be confident that we identify the start/stops correctly (i.e. Sense can track it in realtime) and are sure of the device’s uniqueness (e.g. we don’t want to give you 4 vacuum devices if you just started/stopped the vacuum 4 times). We wait to issue the new device until we see it turn on, so you can hopefully be notified of the new device at the same time as you turned something on/off or heard an appliance starting to help track it.

My guess would be that you had a bunch of devices running on Christmas Day that Sense had tracked, but was waiting for them to turn on.

So it decided to “detect” my pool pump that runs every day at the exact same time, my ice maker (or half of it) which turns on every day at the exact same time and a microwave that I regularly use on Christmas?

Not Christmas Eve?

Not Boxing Day?

But Christmas Day?

No other native detections in months.

I know an active member on the forum who hasn’t had 2 devices detected in a year :man_shrugging:t3: