Always On jumping around

Since the change to add STANDBY was added my Always On is jumping all over the place. Right now it’s sitting at 529W and then jumping up to 1142W and back down. Sometimes it hovers in the high 800 range. This resembles when some of my smart plugs would be near their idle and sit under the Always On and then pop out when they would use more juice. Only difference here is that my plugs are not jumping up and down anymore because I’ve set the standby under the Always On load so that it wouldn’t flood my timeline out. Is anyone else seeing this?

That sounds strange. Is it ok if we take a look at your data?

Yes that’s fine.

My monitor has updated to the new code drop and now my always on is completely gone. Unsure if it’s related to this or not.

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The Always On dropout is likely related to some ongoing performance issues. See:

I will wait until those are resolved before digging into this.

Just for tracking, my always on has come back and it’s jumping around again.