Always show wattage on mobile bubbles

I noticed that the bubbles on an IOS device will show the wattage after you touch the bubble (screen). The bubble size will increase and show you the wattage for 5 seconds. The website bubbles show the wattage inside the bubble and it stays in the bubble. If the wattage change it will change on the website automatic I really like the fact that I can see the wattage inside the bubble without touching the screen. Is there a setting in IOS that I missed?

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There is currently no way to persistently show the wattage on mobile. I re-titled this thread to better reflect the ask.

I can imagine the rationale was that the UI is pretty tight with the bubbles (on a phone screen) and squeezing that additional info there pushes things toward incomprehensibility. You need to work with the lowest common denominator in that regard. That said, there would be a few methods:

  • Automatically abbreviate the device names (or allow for a user abbreviation) and then squeeze the watts in the bubble.

  • Allow the timeline to be collapsed in bubble view to give more real estate. That could be related to landscape/portrait views or add to the bubbles/meter modes and have another view.

  • Overlay the device name on the persistent wattage display rather than stack them within the bubble (this would maybe be modal so you can revert to a simpler name-only view).

Many options, but I think Sense has struck a good balance here and kept things informative yet simple.

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