Anyone Else have this error?

I have seen it in the past, I think when entering some pat of Sense Labs. But haven’t seen recently.

Just had this:

On my desktop browser (chrome)
I logged in at sense, looked at the general home screen and clicked on SOLAR when this popped up.

Hit refresh in browser and the expected page popped up.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention @Beachcomber and @dannyterhaar. If you have not already, would you both mind submitting Support tickets for these errors you are seeing so our team can look into this further? Thank you!


Since I also had one of the weird errors (posted screen shot above) I opened support case.

This is the answer I got today

November 07, 2022 12:15
Hi there,

Thanks for bringing this error to our attention.

From your Community post it sounds like this issue has not repeated since you refreshed the tab in your browser. Can you tell me if you’ve seen any further instances of this error message?


Friday at 09:32
Hi there,

Thank you for the response!

Your question requires some further information, therefore I am passing this along to my colleague who will be able to take a deeper look into your issue. You will be responded to with an update within the next 24 business hours. We appreciate your patience while we look into the issue!
Thank you,
Sense Support

I just received:

Today at 08:16
Hi there,

Thanks for brining this to our attention.

Unfortunately home power configurations like the one you’ve detailed here do still pose complications for Sense. According to the diagrams you posted in the forum, it looks like your Solar sensors are placed upstream from all of your solar connections, but when I review your wattage readings it appears that a small amount of your solar production regularly appears in one of your main wattage channels. often times this indicates that one of the sensors is beng prevented from closing all the way. Can I have you check to make sure none of your sensors are being pushed open?

Sense Support

Does this make sense to any of you ?
Can anyone decode this for me?
a small amount of your solar production regularly appears in one of your main wattage channels

I re-re-re-read that now several times and i can not get the message they are trying to get to me.

On a side node:
I don’t even have the cover plate installed in my breaker box at the moment.
No way that any of my CT’s are forced open/not 100% closed.