Sense not detecting mains properly after generators kicked in

Power died in our neighborhood yesterday for a couple of hours. Our whole house generator kicked in and when the power came back, I checked sense and it looks like the monitor is confused with where the mains are coming from.

Not just that but it also looks like sense is also confused with what comes through as a solar power source. If you look at our history, we started generating solar power even after dusk.

I already filed a support ticket this morning but sense support probably won’t get back to me until Monday.

Has anyone experienced this? I’m thinking of resetting my monitor but I don’t know how that would affect devices detected and what that does to my historical information.

I suspect the detection algorithm doesn’t handle a different power source well aside from the main. I hope sense will be working on this.

I don’t have either solar or a whole house generator so couldn’t help youbthere. But I would try to patiently wait until you here from support before resetting. I do believe you would lose all your detections with either a data reset or a factory reset and they may have a way to help.
Could be something simple like where your solar CT’s are connected and causing confusion with sense thinking generator power is from solar.

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Thank you @samwooly1. Yes I was definitely worried about losing data. I’ve had my monitor since late 2017 and the solar detection has been working, well until the event yesterday.

I don’t believe Sense is “wrong” in what it’s seeing. Would I be correct in assuming this was the first power outage where the generator kicked on since have Sense and the generator both installed?
My thinking is this is a physical problem with where your auto-switch or other means of switching are located and in turn, the location of the CT clamps.
I’m picturing where transmission wires from the generator and solar are shared somewhere in that path but input and output changed based on switch alignment.

I still think it’s a detection algorithm issue. The length of time the generator was active messed with how the monitor checks for the sources of power.

We had power disruptions before that lasted less than 30 minutes, and that didn’t mess with how the monitor detects things.

Though I will check with the wiring if that’s something I could tweak where the clamps should be to put the generator into consideration.

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I’m sorry I couldn’t locate it but there is a thread or posts in a thread about this same issue. I tried to find it to see if it was solved but had no luck.

Maybe turn the Sense breaker off for a minute and turn it back on?

Sense support contacted me and said that something was messed up with my monitor’s configuration file. They fixed it and correct data started flowing again. Thanks for all the suggestions, and the conversation, definitely helped with my peace of mind