App not showing device cost

Sometime in the last week or so I’ve encountered a strange issue where half of my devices no longer give cost and instead show “Enable cost” which when tapped on it shows that it is in fact already enabled, and it is also enabled globally in the main settings for the app, but still shows “enable”.

Is this an issue with the app or the monitor itself? I’d rather not have to factory reset the monitor to fix this issue.

Gotta be an app issue. Pricing and costing is all done outside of the monitor (actually, I think it’s done at the Sense mothership, not even in the app). All the device info, cost and usage data are calculated and posted to the iOS, Android and web apps via the Sense servers You might try logging out and back in - that might sync things up.

Is this in mobile, web, or both? I would definitely write in to about it and they can take a closer look. This sounds like an app bug and not a hardware issue.