Apple Watch App

It would be awesome to have Sense on my Apple Watch and be able to ‘glance’ and/or dig into the house’s energy use.


Thanks for the suggestion, @chadwisler. In full transparency, this will probably be a longer term thing, but we’re certainly open to it and will keep it in mind!


A Sense app for Apple Watch would be great to confirm that my solar is functioning at a glance. I have had several solar system malfunctions and was not aware of a problem until I checked the app.

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While a native watchOS app is likely not to happen in the near term, I just want to make clear that notifications do work on the Apple Watch, so you can set a solar-based Goal and get alerts on your watch. It’s pretty handy and I utilize this a lot when I don’t have my phone nearby.

New to sense, and very sad that there is no Apple Watch app or widget. Would be great to see my power status at a glance (via a complication on the watch)…