Bad firmware update


It appears that the firmware update has run afoul on my unit. This morning I find my mains at -285v and zero and my solar inputs at -285 and zero with the power meter showing negative values. This happens at every firmware update. I have submitted a ticket to support. Anyone else have this issue after updates? Could this be caused by overwriting tweaks made by support in the past? Standard support answer is check your ct clamps - they are fine - firmly taped closed. All consumption shows up as negative solar!


:astonished: WOW! Either support is very very quick to respond, or my unit is haunted! Things appear back to normal again!

Thanks! (Or should I call ghost busters!)


We fixed it for you :slight_smile:. Sorry for the trouble.

[edit] Just wanted to clarify that this was unrelated to the firmware update which went out, but rather a ADC initialization failure. We do see this very occasionally when a monitor reboots, and a subsequent reboot fixes the issue.


Thank you. Good to know. If this happens again I will try a restart before contacting support.