Baseboard heater bubble on when stove or coffee pot on

2 months ago my sense correctly detected the electric baseboard heater in the master bedroom. The baseboard heater has been off for a few week (warmer weather) and now sense detects it as on every time the coffee pot runs or the large burner on the electric stove is on. Is there a way to tell sense the baseboard heater isnt on when this happens? Or would it be best to delete the device and have sense redetect it?

I recommend changing the name of the device. This is now your Large Burner, even though it used to be your Baseboard. Next heating season when the baseboard comes on again, there are several possible behaviors you may see:

  • This device might switch back to the baseboard.
  • The bubble for this device might appear whenever either the baseboard or the large burner is turned on.
  • You may get a new detection for the baseboard.

Just wait and see which behavior occurs. You can revisit the decision on what to do at that time. Until then, enjoy knowing about your Large Burner.

As far as the coffee pot, Sense is working on something called progressive detection. When that arrives, Sense may separate the Coffee Pot from the Large Burner. Current technology is unable to distinguish these items.