BMW i3 charging on 110V


So I got another Wemo smart plug for testing purposes so i figured i would put my car on it to see what it looks like charging. I didn’t drive far today and I still have about 90% charge so it should only take about an hour or two to charge. Once it finishes a charging I will post screenshots of the data.


Sounds like a great idea. From what I have read the 110-120 charging hasn’t been detected for anyone yet. I wonder if they were to use the 240 to 120 adapter if that would allow it. The wattage wouldn’t be the same but the beginning and end of the waveform May be similar enough.


This is the beginning of the charge cycle so far.

zoomed out view

zoomed in on start of charge

zoomed in on the dip that happened about 10 minutes into the charge.