Bug: Incorrect time display in web UI

In the web UI I went to devices and clicked on a specific device and saw this:

Somebody forgot to code that “time_millsecond” piece. Besides it should be displaying seconds there, not milli seconds.

I’m seeing it as well, but only for some devices. Seems new.

Hi @dolfs @kevin1 and anyone else who is interested.

We fixed the “Average run time” issue as reported here. I verified on my end, and it seems resolved. It does not appear where I looked before.

Please check on your end and let me know if you want to! It would be helpful to me, of course, because I want to make sure I’m in agreement with the folks who reported the issue in the first place :joy:

Have a great day!

cc: @JuliaAtSense


“Average Run time” is only a feature of the web app. It doesn’t exist in the mobile.
“time_millisecond” now only appears for devices that have average run time less than 1min.

This is what I currently see (you can go in my account and check) the issue.

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As I look further I noticed this does not effect every device with a short run time, only some.
No idea why.

Sump pump = native detection
ATO = Kasa HS300

Tank Fan = Kasa 115
Hair Straightener = Native detection.


Hi @obscuredtrip

Thanks for the feedback, and I’m sorry you are still seeing this.

I checked your account as you said I could, and at this moment, there is no time_millisecond tag that I can see.

I manually picked through each of your devices (on the Chrome browser), including the Sump Pump, and it appears the issue is resolved for me.

Therefore what could have happened was there was a slightly staggered update for some devices, or maybe the cache needed to be refreshed on your side (the old data was saved, but since I’m looking at it fresh, I loaded new data).

Therefore, you may want to clear your cache and cookies just for home.sense.com, revisit the site, and confirm if you still have the tag.
To do this, you can go here: How to Clear Cache for One Site Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari.

If the issue persists, let me know we can go from there. Fingers crossed this resolves it.


It’s been resolved on my end now too. I’m going with the staggered update theory, as I didn’t manually clear the cache in-between.

You’ve been making some good progress on getting these annoyances and wording issues resolved. Keep up the great work @JamesDrewAtSense!



Thanks for the quick feedback and for letting me know it was resolved. I’m really glad I’m here to help and get these things cleared up.

I appreciate the compliments and truly care about how the site looks and feels, so this community has helped me a lot!