Calibration broke my system :(


So I have been having the issue where my consumption rises when a cloud blocks solar and then drops down when the cloud passes. Aside from that all seems OK. They had me recalibrate solar yesterday, but that did not fix it. So today they reset the system for me. I had to go in after it cycled and do the solar calibrations again. When I did it it started showing strange very high consumption numbers. As the solar got bigger so did the consumption. What it looked like to me was my consumption was actually the Solar number minus the reported consumption number. So they reset it again, and I had to recalibrate solar again. Then my consumption was showing over 14,200 while solar was about 7,500. So it looks like my real consumption turned into twice the solar production value minus the reported consumption.
Now that the sun is down my solar is showing the same 2 watts it has always shown at night and my consumption shows zero. When I check the signals this is what I now see. I even power cycled the unit and it does not fix it.


They think they found the problem and it appears to be showing correct usage totals today. Well correct at the total level. Can’t see what happens with Solar as we have about 3" of snow on everything. Unfortunately device recognition has gone to hell. It thinks my dishwasher is running which has not run since last night and my wife is baking in the toaster oven which had been perfectly recognized until now and shows that it is off. Hope I am not starting from ground zero now.

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