Can someone please enable HTTPS for the forum? :)


Iā€™m not the biggest fan of the idea of passing authentication cookies around in the clear after we authenticated over at, then are handed back to http:// for the forum. :slight_smile:

The certificate in use at is a wildcard cert with the * subject name so you even have a cert you could consider using.

The folks over at use the same forum software and recently enabled HTTPS.

Thank you! :beers:


I will look into it!



HTTPS is enabled!


Nice, thank you @RyanAtSense! Your next challenge, if you accept it, is to get http -> https redirect enabled. If you type the http:// address in it seems to keep you there. :slight_smile: :beers:


That should be working now too! :beers:


Nice job! :beers: :smiley: