*.sense.com ssl certificate expired today Dec 9, 2020

Getting ssl certificate errors accessing
It looks like the ssl certificate expired today.
https://sense.com seems to be good for another year.

community.sense.com certificate expires on Dec 20, 2020

When I tried WEB app, it Chrome said, Attackers may steal your data!
I went back to Safety immediately! Not sure if it is related or not.

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It seems to work some times.
I wonder if one server in the pool has an old certificate.

well, it doesn’t for me somehow. It worked in the morning though.

try https://sense.com *.sense.com seems to have issues as they use a different certificate.

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I’m having the same issue with web app. The certificate for home.sense.com has expired.

There seem to be a bunch of different certs floating around for the various domains.
https://sense.com has a wildcard by Sectigo that is good until Dec 2021
community.sense.com has a lets encrypt (Which makes sense as thats the stock issuer for Discourse) and is good until the end of next week (and should auto renew)
home.sense.com is a Comodo that expired today

So your data is probably safe as it is just an expired cert, but hopefully Sense can update the certs tomorrow.


These have since been updated. Please write into support@sense.com to let us know if you’re still experiencing issues.

Looks good now.
The certificate for this forum expires next week though.

Appreciate the heads-up, was talking to some folks about this earlier today and will have certification extended before then.

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