Api.sense.com timing out, did it change?

I have a Python program collecting data from api.sense.com via Sensible. As of about 2pm PT, the calls to API.SENSE.COM are all timing out with no response. I see this same thing when I ping api.sense.com from my cell phone or home network. But, the Sense App is working to see my current usage. Did the address of api.sense.com change lately? status.sense.com also doesn’t show an outage.

Any ideas?

I’m guessing this might be the issue ?

The guys developing the information Sense API have fixed but it might require a small change to your code.

ps: I had some of my code time out as well, but I really haven’t looked carefully to see how to keep my auth tokens fresh.

It’s probably the API is just down. Happens sometimes.

The auth changes this month result in an unauthorized response (after 1 hour) not a timeout

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Good call - It looks like there was some kind of Authorization incident yesterday.

Thanks, all it started working an hour or so after I reported.

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