Can you no longer submit a problem about a specific device?

After there recent app upgrade, if I go to a device and choose report a problem, I get taken to a generic support page that asks me to type a question. And it wasn’t even very useful help. I had to hit the no this doesn’t help button 3 times before being given the option to submit a ticket.

Added this the the release thread, but reiterating the updated “what to do moving forward” here:

What to do moving forward:

  • The best thing to do is use your appliances like normal. If you want to really dig in, look at the power signature, run times, etc. and set alerts to help you figure out what it might be. And if you’re not sure Sense got something right, don’t merge it into another device yet.
  • If you’re seeing a significant issue with device accuracy or conflation, either:
    • Delete the device and wait for Sense to issue a more accurate device model
    • If Sense has a hard time finding a device, Dedicated Circuit Monitoring and our smart plug integrations are solutions for instantaneous detection.

For persistent device detection issues, continue to reach out so we can track device detection issue trends and frequency. As a reminder, Support is unable to edit device models for inaccurate devices.