Cant connect to sense after network change - no bluetooth connectivity either

new network ssid , and i cant switch back to original ssid- now i cant connect to sense via app. I have tried reconnecting via bluetooth but sense will not connect via blue tooth. Have tried resetting device, using multiple blue-tooth devices.
power cycling shows the sense unit flashing blue and than green for a few seconds and then stops.
any ideas before i throw this thing in the trash?

@sgrutt , your support request is best addressed to, though some users may have seen this behavior before and reply. This is a user forum and unconnected to Sense support.

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Hey @sgrutt, as @kevin1 mentioned already, it would be best to contact our Support team. This link would be the best route to do that:

When did Sense add BlueTooth?

Sense has always had Bluetooth. That’s how you set them up & it’s only used for setup/install.

Guess I don’t remember a 1 time setup procedure from years ago when every other device broadcasts a WiFi SSID you connect to and setup from there. Seems like a strange unnecessary circuit for a 1 time use.

Any resolution to this? I’m having the exact same problem.