Change in Device Signature/Usage

5 days after I installed my Sense unit, an older non-DC motor refrigerator in my garage was the 3rd device detected on my system(after my AC (compressor?) at 2 days and the defrost coils on my Kitchen Refrigerator (3 days). I do not even believe it is energy star rated.

It’s energy pattern is very consistent. The surge, dropping to normal level and then stepping down every few minutes in the beginning.

Until early this morning.

Surge, drop, but to a higher wattage and then no steps down.

I know this is telling me something. But what is it telling me? Is there an issue happening with the unit about to fail or what is going on🤷🏼‍♂️

My theory is that this less about your refrigerator and more about how Sense is displaying in your app. Try restarting the app to see if it still looks the same. Also try looking at this in the web app, to see if it still looks the same.

There’s also a chance that Sense might have “reshaped” the model based on ongoing analysis of the data. It would be illuminating to look at the same waveforms in the main Sense Power Meter when all else is quiet in your house. That can give you the real shape before and after.


Wasn’t the attached the same thing with only that device?

@Beachcomber, not really. The Power Meter view for a an individual Device give’s Sense’s “predicted” view of the waveform, based on the model it has built up over time. If Sense adjusts the model based on newer data, the waveform can change after that point in time. The only place to see an exact measured waveforms is either in the Power Meter or from a device on a smart plug.

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