This morning after logging in, i had another one of these:

Pressing refresh solved the issue

I have had them before and they are getting rare imo,
just wanted to point out it still sometimes happens.

Desktop browser: brave (== google chrome derived)

Today got this error instead:

Hi Danny,

Short and sweet. This issue is when Sense updates the web app, and the cache-clearing app in the backend (stuff you aren’t supposed to see) doesn’t do its job. That means that part of a cached website tries to load a missing piece of the webpage that no longer exists, which causes either of these (or some other) errors.

The way this is resolved is either by reloading your page or clearing your cache for the site This differs by browser, but most of the major ones are referenced here. How to Clear Cache for One Site Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari

We are aware of this error, and I’ve discussed it this morning with the web dev. It looks a little worse than it is, and once the cache is cleared or the page is reloaded will resolve it. It doesn’t affect how Sense works, just some initial access. We are working to ensure everyone sees less (or preferably none) of these in the future.

The good news is that you know we are updating the website :laughing:.