What kind of error is this?

I don’t know what this means.

It means your browser found an error in the Javascript code that implements the sense page. What you are seeing is what is called a stack trace of the code that led up to the point of error. It is mostly mumbo-jumbo because the Javascript files used have been “minified”.

I tried going to the “solar” page and it worked fine for me…

What you should do is tell sense folks exactly what browser you were using, on what platform, and what version of the browser, in addition to what you were doing exactly. Also what steps you take to reproduce the error.

Then, sit back and probably wait a long time, sigh!


I logged out, logged back in and everything was normal again.
I am not even going to bother them.
I will be a waste of my effort/time with absolutely no response/solution.
If/when something fails like this, isn’t the software able to give a more descriptive error?
Variable undeclared, divide by 0 ?

This is so unproductive/confusing.

Thanks for your explanation!

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The error is descriptive, for those who know. It says TypeError. This is something detected by the JavaScript engine inside the browser, and not by the sense code itself. Consequently sense cannot present a better error message.

A TypeError is simply a coding error. Given that it rarely appears, as confirmed by your logging out as well, it means it is in a rarely executed path through the code that was activated because something got corrupted. It also shows that sense does not sufficiently test all paths through there code (no surprise there).


This all happened after SCE changed me to new ToU rates and I adjust the rates at sense web site.




So the transport costs only part for charging my EV just went up 3 times!


You think that’s bad? See my PG&E prices (Price Grab and Expensive)… Luckily I have solar and I am a net producer for the year (1 EV; maybe not anymore once I change my heating and water to heat pumps)…

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My rates were for transport only.
This is the rate for SCE with generation as well:


Fairly compatible rip-off, although yours is higher.
I actually pay a little bit more for 100% renewable generation from CPA who is my energy generator.
Q: Why does transport be dependent on time-of-use ?

I did not catch that. Why is transport times dependent? Because they can! Transport is, quite obviously, a function of fixed infrastructure, and should therefore be fixed cost. See also California Public Utilities commission. All of them in cahoots, having customers pay for fire damage and penalties… (because they took profit instead of improving infrastructure years ago).

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Hi, @dannyterhaar sorry for the delay.

I wasn’t able to respond in the community quite as quickly last week, and I apologize. I would say @dolfs is correctly related to the type error issue.

Usually in the past, these errors have occurred the most after a new update, where we’ve changed some things on the website. However, it could also be said that this could happen with the TOU section.

I’ll send this information to engineering to see if there’s anything that can be done. In the meantime, whenever these hours have occurred on the website, refreshing the website or clearing your cache and cookies specifically for home.sense.com tends to resolve the issue. And it usually doesn’t come back, at least not quickly.

I know it is a little distressing for some users to see this issue, though.

Dolf explained it really well.
If the browser gave the error, it is not something sense can really control (although it is executing senses code)
Depends on browser, version etc etc.
After logout and re login I was able to finish what I was doing.
Don’t bother with this any more.

And once more, thank YOU for your help.
It can’t be easy doing what you do!