Constant spikes

Can anyone tell me if this is normal? I have these odd spikes all the time. Last night, neither my A/C nor my furnace ran at all.

Abnormal - and not a Sense issue. It may be a failing appliance or a device that commonly shoots 1400w spikes.

Without knowing your home, it’s hard to guess what it might be.

The startup of your refrig?

Could be but some of them are 2400 and over. Would that be that high?

If your baseline is about 1000W, then a spike at 2400W could be a large fridge. The pattern certainly looks like a motor/compressor.

Does everyone else’s fridge have spikes that high? There’s something to be said for newer fridges, then:

Otherwise, listen to your fridge for clicking, @Mcraeh. And keep an eye on your ice cream.

This is my kitchen fridge - purchased in 2006 (while rebuilding after Katrina).

This is the dorm fridge in my garage. Purchased in 1992.

I buy it. My concern then would be the frequency of the spikes in the original post. Are there two different devices (maybe - I see two fairly distinct profiles), or is it one of device having cycling problems? Both of your fridges, and mine, are very consistent, albeit with different profiles. The original post is more stochastic.

I agree - the pattern is less regular. Maybe a freezer?

I just checked the graph for my kitchen fridge (purchased in 2006) and it spikes at 1363 when it comes on pretty consistently. However,
this is pretty interesting. This is from the kitchen fridge, which was discovered and is merged with the freezer in that fridge. Is it supposed to spike like that while it’s on? I would have thought since sense knows about this it would have been labeled in the power meter on the original screenshot I posted.

Things won’t get labeled in the power meter unless you’re watching them in real time.

I’d suggest unmerging so you can see better what’s spiking when. Your merged graph looks pretty consistent when things are separated from background. It may only be spiking at the start of compressor for each side of the fridge.

Oh, that helped. Now it looks like everyone else’s. Now if only I could eliminate what I know from the power meter (this fridge) to see what other spikes are left. I think I’ll unplug my garage fridge for a while and see what happens. And then the mini fridge too, too see what’s left.