Currant smart plug integration

This also has energy monitoring and would be a great addition because of two reasons.

  1. would be great for refrigerators because of the side plug so you dont lose the distance behind the fridge with the smart plug like you do with the HS110 and wemo
  2. gives you two outlets instead of losing an outlet like you do with the HS110’s and Wemo plug.

Oooops I didn’t notice that i linked the wrong one but thanks for the heads up and i fixed it.

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I really like the design of both this one and the other you posted today. My wife hates seeing cords and things like that and smart plugs really bother her. T P Link could do better.

So do I and i really like the design of the other one as well becuase I could get two for under $20 and put them in my garage for my garage door and my battery chargers.

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It sounds like you would only have to purchase one of the WiFi models but could use several of the Bluetooth plugs with it. Is that what you understood?

That’s what it looks like to me but not sure if the Bluetooth ones would work with Sense unless it reported everything from the Bluetooth models through the WiFi model to Sense.

Why create additional smartplug integration when Sense could focus on integrating new device types?

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@senseinaz I’m not sure i follow what you’re getting at

There are already 2 smartplug integrations. Rather than focusing on another (redundant) smartplug Sense could spend that time building integration with a new device type, say a thermostat or smartthings hub.

Yes but it is limited to two brands with only 2 smarts plugs and 1 smart power strip available so we are limited to what we buy if we want it to integrate with our Sense monitor. I agree with you about the smart thermostats and the smartthings hub because I have an ecobee3 and I am currently in the process of buying the parts which includes a smartthings hub in order to make my home a smart home but the whole purpose of this section of the forum is to ask for new device integration that could work with sense. Also the two smart plugs that i mentioned this morning would have been better suited for my needs because this one has the plug on the side and you don’t lose an outlet like i described above like i have with the 7 HS110’s that i have and the 1 Wemo plug that i have and the other smart plug that i requested only has one outlet but you also don’t lose the use of the second outlet like the TP-Link and Wemo and you can get two of the other one for the price of 1 TP-Link or 4 for the price of 1 Wemo.

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Unless the ecobee monitors actual power usage then it would t even be in the scope of what sense is all about.
Does ecobee provide this information? How about a smart things hub?

If you wanted to take aim at securing at least basic on/off ground truth for the biggest power use 240V or 120V devices that aren’t amenable to current smartplugs (furnaces, heat pumps, AC compressors, water heaters), the next place to look would be smart thermostats for those devices that have APIs that provide runtime and mode information. Not as good as actually seeing power consumption, but better than no feedback for devices that have relatively long on-cycles.


This went on sale today for $30, and they also have an energy monitoring wall socket that’s coming. It’d certainly be a nice addition.

While I think the TP-Link units are pretty good, the Belkin’s are awful. It’s not that their capability is poor, but rather they don’t remember their state across power failures, and so they always “come up” off, which is a huge issue.

The TP-Link and the Currant handle this properly…pretty critical when you use a smart plug for important devices.

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The ability to have two devices plugged in would be great. And the wall socket is even better. The TP-Link plugs are great, but they are HUGE and it blocks the other outlet. Try sticking one behind behind a counter depth refrigerator.

Yup, the mechanical design on the HS110 focused on using the same electronics and PCB for most global plugtypes - some euro plug types require 1-2 cm recesses beyond the depth of the receptacle itself. The HS110 chassis is designed to give enough space for all the variants.

Another big win for the Currant (I’m kind of shocked at how much better this plug is than the competitors): it doesn’t toggle power or mess up the switches when it installs a firmware update.

It’s also smart enough to know its orientation (and allows swapping). If you plug it in horizontally, it knows which plug is “left” and “right”. Similarly, top and bottom swap intelligently depending on how you orient the plug.

Even the Currant software is good. Which, if you’ve looked at any of the competitors, is shocking.

This is really the best sort of “over engineering”: they thought through the product and problems really well.

It’s really be nice to be able to integrate these into the Sense (he said, repeating himself).

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