Data Gaps in Timeline/Meter


I have an open ticket…but haven’t received anything other than the message that my issue had been forwarded to a team that is working on it. Instead of trying to recreate it…can they just review/monitor my account? This is not an occasional or random issue for me. It is every day. Here is last 24 hours…



@samwooly1 hopefully there is a local dhcp server in that equation… leaving your devices unprotected to the internet or relying on dhcp servers from the isp could lead to its own issues…

my isp limits how many ips I can get at any given time… so my router gets 1 ip and it handles all requests…



Your not alone, mine occurs everyday as well.



I only get one IP address. Anything with traffic to the internet
with subnets and supernets. My setup is the most secure way
I know to do it based on education and experience. There are
several DHCP servers on my networks. Each network has its
own firewall rules based on the devices that connect to it and are
set where they can use very specific things on the internet, no
full use.
I just have the one always connected network which I should call
the access point because it’s not really a direct connection.
If you know how subnetting and supernetting wokthen you understand
that the number of IP addresses I can use on the LAN side is limited
only by the numbers in. let’s say in IPv4.
I’ve never been hacked, had a virus or anything else malicious in all the
years I’ve been doing this. Even in years of no antivirus.
I’m basically doing the same thing antivirus software would do to settings
but don’t scan and search while comparing tp known malicious files
It works for me and easier than setting up each device with it’s own settings




I have never seen this many gaps in a day before - and I never had the meter view open. Anything I should look at? I did add a dozen z-wave devices during this time frame - not WiFi but maybe network traffic to from my hub caused this? My production meter registered 64kWh output while Sense indicates only 37kWh !!

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My gaps look different… the small Gap after 3pm I’d where I think I rebooted my monitor for a HS300 issue.
I did not check the timeline prior to rebooting that.



Oddly enough - no visible gaps for me today. Must be rotating around through users…



Plenty of gaps on Sunday for me… Still have an open ticket, but haven’t heard anything in regards to it.



BTW - I had to go and flaunt a good day… Had a big gap at 7:45PM…



Ticket opened with support. sorry it’s being such an annoying bug to reproduce internally.



I’m still experiencing the issue as well… No update on my ticket either.



It should be noted that there seems to be a couple issues happening here, rather than a single problem. Essentially, there can be external and internal causes of data gaps. External would be Wi-Fi issues (did you go out and buy 200 smart plugs and 100 Hue bulbs when we announced those integrations? That could be affecting your connection to the Sense monitor). Internal would be the real-time issues that a few users here have mentioned experiencing, i.e., using the power meter is causing real-time data gaps. We’re doing what we can to address both and will hopefully have some solutions in place soon.

This however is causing a problem. We cannot seem to reproduce the real-time issue. Personally, I have the Power Meter open 24/7 on an iPad and have only a single data gap in my entire history of using Sense (and no, my monitor doesn’t get any sort of priority just because I work here). So, in short, it’s proving to be a tough nut to crack. But we’re working on it!

If you haven’t, submit a ticket to Support so we can get this documented. Please keep in mind that we have a small Support team and turnaround is not immediate.



Thanks Ryan! So, I only have 3 HS110’s, but the gaps have existed since before I had those.

The iPad having it open 24/7 may not be the best way to reproduce. Since it seems to occur when opening the app (and it’s spinning up its connection to Sense) (my take).

Thanks very much for letting us know about what’s up. Very helpful! Glad this is getting some attention. =)



Thanks Ryan,

Appreciate the update. I’m hoping that this issue leads to more automated scrutiny of timeline histories, networking issues, plus a little better separation of exposed timeline and export data being zero, vs. being NA (not available).



I’ve noticed gaps at the device level instead of the power meter. Here is a collage of three devices with gaps and the gaps don’t line up between devices like they should. Why would t the gaps be at the same timeframes for all devices?
Another timeline problem is when I open it the timeline looks as it should but immediately turns into a dotted line. Am I the only one experiencing this? It’s been happening for a week



Hey all,

Check out announcements. They just rolled out a firmware update that should address data gaps (also updated the wifi driver on the device) and some other cool fixes. Here’s hoping it fixes! =)



Well, the update didn’t correct the problem for me. Still seeing the same gaps.



Did you double check that the new firmware reached you ? I ask because I had a small dropout on the 14th but nothing since I receive the new firmware,



I checked the firmware version right after I received the email. It was in fact at the correct new level. I’ll keep watching it but currently, I am still seeing it.

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mine got worse… got 3 gaps just in the last few hrs… nearly 5min each…