Data Gaps in Timeline/Meter


Just had my first post-firmware update dropout. Might have happened when I went to check my Power Meter after looking at yours. Guess we don’t have a miracle cure yet…



Wasn’t fixed for me either at the web app. The iPhone app has not displayed the same issues I’ve been having today. Was there anything rolled out for it?


Data gaps can be caused by reasons unaddressed by the recent firmware update. If you’re still experiencing this issue, please continue to work with Support on it.


I’ve alerted support to what I found over the weekend @RyanAtSense. It appears, at least for me, that having both that phone app and web app open simultaneously is the problem.
With one shut down, the other doesn’t have display issues.
I was hoping someone here would be able to identify if this was a problem on my end.

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I have to admit that I’m wondering if your weak internet connection is perhaps causing this. With the Sense unit trying to transmit to their servers whilst simultaneously feeding two streams of data back to you at the same time (over a known weak link based on your past discussion here), It does make me wonder.

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I think they have my internet repaired now. Since the last time they were out I’ve had only a couple drops where it would be sometimes 30 a day. I’ve been consistently running 12-15 mbps down.
Our upload speeds are a joke and range between .38-.76. Maybe those up speed are just not good enough.
My understanding is the monitor only sends to servers and not to app or web app. Servers return to the apps.


@oshawapilot, take a look at this screenshot. I had shut down the App
on my phone and was using the laptop. I had to click the “Now” button
many times to get it to display current use. But see how the 15 minute
timeframe shows 5:41 am - 5:46 am? Now look at the bottom of the
timeline and see its showing the current time. The windows clock is at
2:19 pm. If I allow this to run on its own, the timeline will turn completely
black as the “now” button and line continue to crawl to the left of the screen.
I have no idea why this is. In order to see live data, I have to push the
now button at least every 15 minutes.


yes, are understanding that correctly, what @oshawapilot was trying to say was you actually have 3 streams of data… you have 1 live stream from your sense unit to sense servers… 1 live stream from sense servers to your phone app… and 1 live stream from sense servers to your web app… 3 live streams of data on a 12 Mbps down / 0.38 Mbps up connection is a lot to ask… and that’s not accounting for any other data streams you may have going at the time…


That makes sense. During the day the connection isn’t used much. But in the evening when everyone is home, Netflix and PlayStation take over.
I do know that 12mbps handles four simultaneous Netflix streams at the highest quality without issue. The gaming strains the connection,
Especially uploads.


Backwards, gaming is light on bandwidth but reliant on ping/jitter, Netflix at the highest quality is 25mbps PER STREAM.

I find one Android app streaming is about 100kbps on the phone side download. Constant stream to the WAN is around 10-16kbps upload from Sense.


The gaming he does can go through a couple gigs a day pretty easily. They host games with other players and whoever the host is has the burden. When they have 20 people playing in the same “room” is when it’s heaviest.
I’m not up on todays games and how they work at all. I do know when he uses LTE exclusively (faster up speed) that 10 gigs doesn’t last a week and that’s when he uses dads wifi and internet connection. He never has trouble with download speed,
It’s always upload. Time to put limits on that MAC address.
Netflix is being used on phones or maybe one fire stick. I do t think phones use as mich as the fire stick.
I think the 25mbos is 4K, I’m using HD.
So not quite the best but the best for the package I’ve got


And that upstream traffic in most WANs, can significantly impact available downstream bandwidth, latency and jitter.


I’m also seeing periodic gaps. I found this thread hoping to see an explanation so I could hit accept and move on. Too bad it sounds like an explanation doesn’t exist yet?

@RyanAtSense suggested we open a ticket with support, but I’m wondering if that’s what I should do without any further information. Would that be helpful for the already busy support team?


Yesterday I put my furnace on a HS110 and when i merged the data I had two gaps like this in the data but after waiting a few hours I went back to compare the new data from my furnace to see what it looked like compared to what i was seeing before and when i did the data gaps were gone and filled in with data.

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Interesting, based on @mike_gessner’s comment, I went back to check this same time window and found that most of it has been filled in now.

I’m satisfied knowing that data isn’t lost, even if it takes a while to show in my app.

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The problem is that many issues can cause data gaps, so there isn’t a simple explanation. Some of those issues are on the user end and some are on the server end. By far, the most common reason is Wi-Fi issues. In any case, you should submit to Support as they can look at the relevant logs and see what’s happening in specific cases.


This happens to me somewhat regularly as well. I’ve never had it happen sitting in the app; it only happens when I enter the app. Like @MyMariah, I’ve had it where I can see the data in the realtime meter appears, but then later disappears. It happened to me again last night. I’ve contacted support about it, and this time managed to include screen shots. The first screenshot is from just after the first data loss, and you can see a little bit of data from my fridge turning on at the same time. Then I leave the app and come back to it, and when I’m back, even that little bit of data is gone, though I do see an indicator that the fridge turned on in the middle of a missing block. Half an hour later, even the indicator about the fridge coming on is gone.


This hasn’t happened to me again since April 4. I’ve been deliberately trying to avoid using the iPhone app too much as that’s always what seemed to trigger it for me. But this past weekend I got notified of six new devices detected, so I’ve been playing with it quite a bit. Now, instead of losing data, the app just hangs. If I kill it and reopen it, all the data is still there. It’s not exactly completely fixed, but it’s good enough.


Can you explain what you mean by “hangs” a bit more? Does it resolve on its own or do you absolutely have to restart the app? Is this happening on particular screens and not others?


@RyanAtSense, When this happens, the Now tab and the Devices tab just sit there loading…but you can use the rest of the app. I can click other tabs, and go to settings, but the Now and Devices tab just sit there like they’re loading data, but never load. I have to force quit the app and open it again in order to get those 2 tabs to work again. This is on iOS 12.2 with app 26.0-9f52066f build 1365.

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