Delete Device or Merge Device

My microwave was detected a couple of months back, but recently had to run a dedicated circuit due to it tripping the breaker when the it would run the same time the dishwasher would run. Since it has been on its new circuit Sense has not detected it running any more. Should I delete it or wait until it is detected again and merge it with the old device?

It’s likely no longer being detected because the new circuit is on a different leg of service than the old circuit. If you can easily move the new breaker one position down or up in the panel, that will likely restore detection with the existing device model. If not, I’d delete the current device and wait for a new detection to occur.

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I would personally leave it. It is possible that it will re-identfy it and keep the same device. If it doesn’t (more likely) and creates a new microwave, then you can merge in the old one and keep all your historical data.

I don’t think that by keeping it you are delaying any detection now that it is on a new circuit. On the other hand, by deleting it, other than losing historical data, I don’t think you are hurting the chances of a new model being built. I think microwaves are generally one of the easier devices to detect.

From my experience and reading others on the forums, the only reason to delete a device is if it consistently getting something wrong in an existing model, so you want it to develop a model all over again. In this case, I think the old model just won’t work anymore as the signature of your microwave has changed.

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