Deleted device appears in Windows/Chrome "Now" display but not in app on phone

Sense identified 2 devices, “Heat 3” (I think it’s 3, I can’t see it right now) and “Heat 5”. I installed 2 Kasa plugs to monitor my attic fan usage, “Attic Fan East” and “Attic Fan West”. I deleted devices “Heat 3” and “Heat 5” after confirming that they came and went time coincident to turning the two fans on and off.

I was new to adding Kasa plugs, so maybe I should have tried to merge the old devices, but I just outright deleted them.

Heat 3 / Attic Fan East were identical in power consumption. Heat 5 consumption was usually higher than Attic Fan West, but it disappeared if I turned the switch to the fan off. Usually the sum of Attic Fan East and Attic Fan West, plus 60W or so.

I tend to access Sense from my phone, and all seemed (and still seems) fine there. Heat 3 and Heat 5 never show up. Attic Fan East and Attic Fan West behave as expected.

When I use to access my “Now” display via Crhome, Heat 3 and Heat 5 also appear in my bubbles when the fans are active and only then. It’s not entirely consistent. Currently both fans on and only Heat 5 showing. Earlier both bubbles were showing. I can make them disappear by turning off the fans, so I know they’re related. They don’t show up in my devices list (web or phone) whether Sense thinks they’re on or off. If one of the bubbles is there using my browser, I can click on it. I get a history page that states “No data… this was your life pre-Sense.” I can see activity in the timeline, but the dates are all prior to installing the Kasa plugs. There is also no gear icon for the device to do things like enter device details.

I’ve tried accessing using an incognito tab, so I don’t think it’s anything cached in my browser.

Any ideas how to purge these devices?