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Hello all! I have been using sense for a little over two weeks and so far so good. I have a situation where I deleted a device and after reading on the community it sounds like it may not identify this device again but it keeps the device data on the backend? The reason that I ask is because I have a hot tub that has 5500 watts of heat which matches my water heater of 5500 watts (minus the voltage drop to each device. I also have a dryer that is 5400 watts but sense has identified this device). In the beginning it was detecting these devices but the timing was off using the power meter and device names. I ended up adding dedicated CT’s for the HT since the hot is composed of 7 devices. The two HT massage pumps are identical but not on necessarily at the same time, and I wanted to see usage for the hot tub combined for all the devices. With that said, sense should be able to pick my water heater out unless deleting a device messes that up?

Don’t worry that you have ruined your setup forever. It will NEVER be perfect. You will soon get a “pretty good” idea of what Sense sees, but it will miss-map things, it will find a bunch of things that don’t exist and it will rush to delete things that were working… If you expect it will find each lightbulb in your house you need to rethink what you have purchased. But it doesn’t give a good visual of what’s going on.

Since it’s not perfect, I actually use two old iOS devices (iPad and iPhone) and they display my power meter and my active devices. I find it very useful to know where my power is going. Did my wife leave the floor heater on in her she-shed Friday night and won’t be back until Monday? Did the oven come on as we programmed it so dinner will be ready when we get home?

There really isn’t a better solution out there. I just WISH that AI was having better luck figuring out what we are turning on and off. Probably the Plasma TV is confusing it’s predictions.

I was considering getting the add-on clamps which would allow you to clip them onto the 240v hot tub lines in the panel.

My system has found the circulation pump but not the heater or main pumps even though they seem different enough (profile and wattage) compared to everything else in the house. I am about a month in and am thinking I am going to wait another month or two before buying the add-on clamps.

This may be a good read/watch to help you decide:

They are constantly working on device detection so it is possible your case improves over time without the clamps. But if you want accurate data right now, the clamps will provide it. I think a month with Sense is too early to know.

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Yea sorry I was not fully clear. I am using things like clamps and Kasa plugs as temporary ways to monitor different devices with the hopes that Sense will find them down the road and I can remove the clamps/plugs. Its me just being way to eager to learn about the individual devices faster than Sense can find them.


Firstly, welcome aboard! With that out of the way, I was like you when I first installed my Sense + Solar setup. I wanted to see all the things using power in my home and I wanted to see them right away. Device detection simply takes time. Think of Sense as a person trying to identify traffic by putting a stethoscope to the concrete to try to identify each person, car, and animal walking on the sidewalk by isolating and identifying each set of sounds their movement makes. There is a TON of noise to sift through to identify repeatable patterns. This takes more than a few weeks in my experience. I just picked up one of my Tesla’s today after having Sense installed since January 29. Just be patient with it and things will start to show up and do provide feedback if something doesn’t seem right as the Sense team actively takes that feedback to improve their machine learning algorithms.

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Thanks for all of the replies. I agree about the timing. I am somewhat impatient on the discovery, :slight_smile:.

I just now noticed that I can use my dedicated CT’s to monitor multiple 240 circuits which is neat. I may try this on my hot tub and water heater so I that I can see those individually.

I’m not to to concerned about individual small loads being picked out. The biggest issue that I have so far is that I have my hot tub on a dedicated circuit and sometimes when I turn the jet pump on it gets confused and shows my heat pump compressor running. It would be nice to compare the dedicated circuit and not associate this waveform with non-dedicated circuit devices. As you mentioned, I guess the goal is to let the system try to learn everything so that you don’t have to rely on feedback devices. I currently have 5 TP115 devices and the aux CT’s.

With all that said, I haven’t seen where I can specify what my dedicated CT’s are monitoring besides “other”. It would be nice to actually let the Sense team know what I have hooked up to these by selecting from my home inventory. It appears if the device has been recognized by the AI then I can select it so that it doesn’t duplicate it. Maybe the AI team then actually associates a device with dedicated circuit monitoring on the backend?

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You can tell the Sense which native detections are connected with the DCM device using the Manage tab. I suspect that the folks at Sense can connect the dots between what you name a DCM device and how you classify it and any matching devices in your home inventory. But you are right - it would be much more satisfying if you could specify the DCM devices directly via the Home Inventory.

Thanks Kevin. I did actually see where I could combine a native device and did this for my refrigerators on my kp115 smart plugs.