Detected Device Bubble(s) not showing up

That’s a new one to me. Let me ask around.

try hitting the refresh on your PC

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I dont think this is limited to just the PC.

I had it happen on the ipad app. My furnace kicked on, it appeared on the timeline but no bubble ever appeared. Under Devices, you could see the power was being correctly apportioned to the furnace. There was just no bubble for it.

To take this up another notch, later on, every time the furnace kicked on, the bubble for the Dehumidifier would sometimes appear. The Time line says furnace, Devices says furnace, bubble said Dehumidifier.

It’s only happened once and I cant recreate it.

If it happens again, can you do your best to document and submit a ticket to

I’m seeing this exact problem:

Note that “Fridge” is on, but there’s no bubble for it (it’s clearly in Other). A few moments ago, “Freezer” was on and had a bubble but no entry in the timeline. It’s weird.

(It’s a SubZero, and there are two compressors.)

What’s the Sense-calculated Always On for your fridge?

I don’t see any. No bubble, so I can’t tap that to see, and the device doesn’t say there is any.

Click on the Always On bubble and look at the breakdown in there. Fridge should be listed under that.

Isn’t that only if it’s on a smart plug?

No, that’s not how it works. :slight_smile:

The Fridge is not always on - it’s only on when it’s on. Anything that would have an “Always On” amount would be effectively “idle” not on - when it’s “on” it would jump out of “Always On” and appear separately.

Plus, as @waterboysh indicated, that would only be devices attached to Smart Plugs, which the Fridge is not…

Indeed. It wasn’t clear to me that the fridge was not on a smart plug. Depending upon the Sense native detection though, in theory any device (including a fridge) could have an Always On component even if it’s not strictly always on. It doesn’t have to be on a smart plug to potentially register an Always On component.

It doesn’t explain the absent bubble (when the timeline shows “Fridge On”). Posting the fridge detection Power meter detail could help with troubleshooting.

The fridge definitely has no “always on” component. But, sure:

Interesting signature.

I’m noticing the flattened-out averaging Sense is doing after the initially highly variable “detection”, which all seem very self-similar.

Have you tried to correlate this with your mains Power Meter waveform?

The lazy approach is to put your fridge on a smartplug of course. :wink:

The thing is, it’s detected. The point isn’t that it’s not detected, but that there should be a bubble, and there isn’t one, even though there’s an entry on the timeline. That seems to be an app bug. (The device has been detected since shortly after I installed the Sense, along with the “Freezer”.)

This does seem like a bug and should be reported to the Support team. They can dig into your data and see what’s happening.

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Understood. Just trying to get to the core of the potential bug.

The timeline, one assumes, reflects the on/off signals but I’m imagining there could be a mismatch between those and the mains detection and/or bubble rendering.

From what I’ve seen, for example, mains spikes on my hot water power first is lumped into the “Other” bubble and then it pops up as a separate bubble.

Yep, already did.

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Yes, I’ve seen that too, but the detection happens when the bubble separates. This one had an entry in th pane and never showed up as a bubble.

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This is happening to me for one device as well. Detection on timeline and in device stats, but no bubble, usage is in “other”.

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