Timeline doesn't match bubbles

Made a couple changes.

More KP115’s added:
2 outlets in garage powering trickle chargers
a tv
Portable AC
UPS powering Networking routers, HA server

Also changed My home details to enable and include the portable AC which I’ve had for about a month.

Additionally I’ve added some of the individual device make & model numbers to a number of devices.

Any idea why one of my dehumidifiers no longer detects at all, other dehumidifier missed detection. Stove (small burner), Stove (large burner), and many other devices are suddenly having detection issues?

Upon closer look, appears the “online” and “offline” models were out of sync (or lagging).

But what is even more confusing is that I cleared my browser history on my desktop browser and the bubbles and reporting appear to be showing properly again on both the desktop and cell platforms. Really weird how that could have fixed the mobile version as the two devices are not linked (not same google account).

Additionally I noticed a brief (1-2 second) outage at exactly 8:30am. Right when everything seemed to go back to normal.

edit OK, once again the online and offline models are not matching up. Bubbles staying on (both web and mobile) while timeline shows they turned off (I confirmed they turned off).

Kitchen fridge turned on (shows in timeline) @ 9:01 but no bubble.
Dehumidifier (storage room) turned off at 8:57 (timeline), bubble remains.
Wine fridge on 9:05 (timeline) no bubble appeared, off at 9:09 timeline.

update Things are all out of wack. 9:19 kitchen fridge bubble just appeared and dehumidifier bubble went away.
Dehumidifier (under garage) Now timeline shows turned on at 9:28 (no bubble), devices timeline last state shows off at 9:19.

hey @obscuredtrip, sorry to hear about the issues. Do you have a few screenshots you can share of the issue?

If you could also let me know your

  • Device:
  • OS Version:
  • Sense Version #:

Desktop: Win10
Chrome Version 92.0.4515.159 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Sense Version 13.0

S9 phone Android 10
Sense Version 38.1-e9077ebd3
Sense Build 1254

Current screenshots
Note: Dehumidifier under garage timeline & bubble vs. device timeline.



I have 2 different dehumidifiers, different models that do not interfere with each other (think they are on different legs too). As stated this is happening with other devices as well, but not all. All Kasa devices appear to be displaying accurately.

Hey @obscuredtrip - this could be a detection or a back-end issue, so reaching out to Support is probably your best option here. If you haven’t already, please reach out to Support via a ticket and copy and paste the details in your last comment over!

From my previous posts, I’ve given up on Bubbles ever being correct and matching data in rest of app, including the notifications in the same page as the Bubbles.

Request #252517

Does appear as if it’s an issue between the two models.

No bubble for dehumidifier storage room

No bubble for Wine Fridge

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I had some issues in the past before I did complete reset but never this bad. The explanation then was one of the models (Sense uses two and online and offline version) missed an on/off signature. But this seems a bit different almost as if something is going on with the “online model” on the backend.
I did make the changes noted in the 1st post, no idea if one or a combination of those things may have caused a glitch in the system, but I do feel that it’s not a simple coincidence.

I really have no idea, as none of us know how the backend systems work exactly, but the little insight I was given it does seem logical that the online model is having a hard time processing some of the information, almost as if it’s lagging with some devices. Which if I understand correctly could cause detections to show in one place but not the other.

@JustinAtSense Appears they didn’t quite comprehend the issue. I hate to keep asking, but could you reach out to the proper team for me?
& no power cycling the Sense unit, logging out and back in on both, did not correct the issues with the bubbles or the timeline.

Aug 18, 2021, 16:21 EDT

Hi there,

Thank you for contacting Sense. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

We understand that you’re having problems with the Sense monitor’s device detection and that you can’t see the bubbles in the Now part of your Sense app when the devices are turned on.

To reboot and get your monitor do the following:

  1. Open the panel door to your breaker panel.
  2. Locate and switch off the breaker(s) that your Sense monitor is connected to.
  3. Wait 5 seconds.
  4. Switch it back on.

After rebooting the monitor, please log out and log back in to your Sense app.

Note: The Sense Home Energy Monitor should be installed by an electrician or qualified professional, and should be installed in compliance with all applicable local codes.

Thank you,
Sense Customer Support

Have those devices reported at all on the individual device timeline or graph (devices tab)?

Obviously. You can see the bubbles are opposite the text.

As for the dryer, it should show as OTHER.

I see what the bubble and “today” show & yours clearly don’t match, but does either match what the individual “device timeline” shows under the “devices” tab (can also get to by double tapping bubble)? and does the device level graph show usage?

They can all report differently, knowing this will help determine if it’s issue with one of the models missing a signature or something else going on in the backend with one of the models (which I suspect).

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See this post of mine from June last year Sometimes devices turn on but don't appear on anywhere

Unfortunately I don’t have the time right not to really dig into that thread but it does look somewhat similar.
At the bottom of this post I will attach the response I received back in April 2021 regarding something similar (but different) happening with my oven which is what leads me to believe this is a discrepancy between the two models.

The one thing that gets me is that I’ve noticed on occasion (not often) the bubbles don’t line up with the on/off state in the app. “Devices” will show the device’s currant wattage but no bubble will appear. Or the bubble will remain but the device will be grey. This is different from a bubble not matching up with the “today” or “device timeline” timelines. I probably shouldn’t focus on this as it happens infrequently and is likely a separate unrelated issue, but feel it should be noticed just in case.

Going back to the main issue of the bubbles not appearing or remaining, it does appear as if many of us are experiencing similar issues that could very well be related. Some in support seems to be having a difficult time understanding the issue as well, so it is imperative we all report this issue when we see it in order to get Sense to dedicate resources to get to the bottom of it along with enough data needed to do so.

To clarify, since I preformed the reset a couple months ago, device detection was excellent, much better then previously. Since the reset I had no issues with the bubbles UNTILL I made changes within the past week or so, which leads me to believe this issue is directly related to one of those changes. Hopefully with this information Sense can take an in-depth look to see if one of these changes confused the online model, and provides some insight as to what may be causing some of these issues we are having.

The changes made to my home & account within the past week:

Added KP115 (garage charger 1) to a trickle charger in my garage.
Added KP115 (garage charger 2) to a 2nd trickle charger in my garage.
Added KP115 (Mom’s tv) to a tv in my mothers (Alzheimer’s) bedroom.
Added KP115 (Network /HA) to a UPS that has 2 routers, cell signal booster and Home Assistant desktop.
Added KP115 (AC) to a portable AC. AC has been running since July w/o being natively detected.

In Settings - My Home - Home Details - Cooling, I unselected “No Cooling” and selected “Other” (portable AC).

Replaced Microwave with new model. Sense (accurately) detects it the same as old one (didn’t detect it as new device).

Added Location/Make/Model data to numerous devices.

Sense natively detected Heat 4 (8/13), renamed to Toaster Oven.
Sense natively detected Heat 6 (8/15), renamed to Toaster.
Sense natively detected Heat 5 (8/19), renamed Furnace Fan (turned fan on briefly to circulate air).

@JustinAtSense feel free to share this information, thread and Sense data with the other teams.

Response from April 2021:
"Hi there,

To provide some additional context here, there are a couple of different components to the device models that Sense creates to track the usage of your devices. One part is what we refer as the ‘offline model’, which looks at processed data when it reaches our servers and attributes historical data to that device. Another component, which we call the ‘online model’, detects your devices turning on and off in real time and governs the on/off state in the app, as well as the device bubbles. The online and offline models are independent from each other and, in this case, did not line up with each other and led to the discrepancies that you pointed out. Looking at the data from our end, I can see that both parts of the model (online and offline) correctly saw the oven turn off at about 8:40pm, which is visible in the device timeline. However, the online part of the oven model alone picked up the last cycling of the oven’s heating element, as you referenced. However, the correspond ‘off’ event was not seen, resulting in the oven bubble remaining on in the app when the oven was not running."

Ah, this definitely sounds like a similar problem. Looking at your Support ticket, it sounds like Zach got back to you but the issue is definitely due to a mismatch of online/offline models.

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Yeah, I received Zach’s response shortly after my last post. I guess I was heading down the right track. It’s somewhat a relief knowing he can see some discrepancy’s on his end as well and is taking a deeper look to identify the source.