My 240v Dryer has been on all Afternoon

My undetected 240V Dryer has been on all Afternoon.

I’ve dried 4 loads thus far.

Yet, I’ve used NO electricity.

Amazing - No Dryer - No Other - Nothing.

How much power does the AC claim to be using ? My 4 ton unit chews up about 2800W and my Dryer (detected by Sense) cooks along at 5500W at peak. So both of those wouldn’t fit into the 5202W of Total Usage you are seeing.

Well, lol, you are only proving my point.

Here is AC without Air Handler.

And Air Handler



Where’s the other (Dryer)?

I typically recommend using the Power Meter for things like this - can you see the dryer increasing/decreasing wattage in the Power Meter?

Gas or electric dryer? Sense found the igniter in my gas, but never the motor. We ran four loads yesterday, and this is what the waveforms look like:

I’ve never heard of a 240V Gas Dryer. Have you :man_shrugging:t3:

Actually they are pretty common


Congrats you found the 1.

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You read poorly

USA is 60 cycles. Europe is not.

I think the point is that they exist. Best Buy has 4 of them for sale in the US. Let’s accept that they exist and move on. It is possible to have a 240v gas dryer.

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people .


4 out of 247 Gas Dryers for sale at Best Buy (3 of 4 Best Buy House Brand).

“Pretty Common”?


My point, when someone says 240V Dryer, it’s 99.999% an electric, which I ASSUMED would be obvious without needing to state it out.

When I hear a bark, I assume it’s a dog. Not a parrot mimicking a dog.